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Is an organisms survival instinct inherent or acquired? When does the ability arise? What role does environment play? Consider the concept of adaptive plasticity in the red-eyed treefrog.

Decesion to Hatch
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The Legacy of Malcolm X


The home where Malcolm X was raised by his sister Ella Collins sits in Boston, Massachusetts. The house is now a national heritage site being restored in order to continue the leaders revolutionary freedom struggle. Here, Ella Collins discusses the true legacy her brother left behind. 

MXECH Grandma Ella Trailer
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"Our Worries are Little Ones"


The goal of the non-profit, located in South India, is to improve the lives of children living in poverty and injustice. Jeevarathni is currently supporting 36 children by providing them with a home, education and livelihood dedicated to health, happiness and care for others. Jeevarathni's long term goal is to support the children they adopt into an independent adulthood while also improving India's environment, education and healthcare.

Helen & Shalom Intro '12
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Message to the Grassroots


A podcast collective exploring education as a means towards liberation in collaboration with organizations like Radio One, Boston University and The Black Community Information Center. Working with Malcolm X's last standing home in Boston Massachusetts Message through the Grassroots engages, revolutionary minds & prophetic voices in order to weaken the psychological chains of slavery.

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Drumbeat RadioDark Matter
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104.9 WRBB, Drumbeat Radio : Dark (Skinned) Matter


Colonizing Mars is one thing, but what about the socio-political issues we face here on Earth? NASA Aerodynamicist N.A. Ratanayake discusses space exploration alongside our conversation about climate change research happening in the Arctic, and the complex relationship between science and non-white people


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Arjun Collins
Email: collinsarjun@gmail.com

Tel: 617-335-2663

Arjun Collins works for education, the environment and justice. His experience ranges from teaching Science in the classroom to expeditions in the ecological fields of the Arctic Circle and Panama -- where Arjun researched and reported on both climate change and the the evolutionary adaptations of tree frogs.


Before becoming an educator Arjun earned a B.S. in Biology, a B.A. in Journalism, and an M.Ed in Science Education from the University of Massachusetts. Arjun also worked as a Conservation Ecologist and Naturalist for the Massachusetts Audubon Society.


In the pursuit of social evolution, using science as a tool, Arjun has worked with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and Boston University to develop curricula in Evolutionary Biology--used for public outreach. Arjun’s most recent research endeavor has been as a fellow with EarthWatch, studying the affects of climate change in Canada’s Arctic Region.


Arjun also dedicates time working with nonprofit organizations like the Jeevarathni Foundation and the Malcolm X-Ella Collins House.


Besides his mission; Arjun enjoys the literary, martial arts, all sports, and the wilderness.